Saturday, September 8, 2012

Ships ahoy at the Taubman!

Over the course of its two-hour screening, over 60 visitors to the Taubman Museum of Art stopped in to catch some of The Flying Dutchman. As many children attended as adults, but many more of the Kinder danced to Wagner's exciting score than did their Ältern.

We did have assistance from an impromptu "Tanzmeister" (Dance master) who led some of the kids in some wavy moves in the auditorium while the sailors sang on screen.

Along with the viewing of the expressive and beautifully stylized 1975 film of Wagner's opera, the Roanoke Library led craft making events in the Taubman's Art Venture space. Here several of my new friends proudly display their Dutchman-inspired art.

Always a child at heart, I joined in the fun, with a little help from Mini Wagner.

And when no one else was looking, Mini Richard cheered his first great masterpiece.

Though I didn't snap a picture of it, the image of two young boys, ages 4 & 7, watching in rapt silence as the Dutchman bid farewell to Senta is emblazoned in my memory. It made for a memorable final scene, in which several children were fixed to the screen as their parents watched them being enchanted by the special magic of opera. If Mastercard were around to shoot one of its commercials, the script might read:

"Cost of materials to make Art Venture crafts: $50;
Cost of the DVD of Wagner's The Flying Dutchman: $30;
The sight of your children completely entranced by their first opera:

Come hear the drama and see the music and believe Opera Roanoke is the place to experience it. And come to the Taubman Museum next Saturday, Sept 15, at 11:30 to see the film and make your own Flying Dutchman art.

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