Friday, September 7, 2012

Opera at the Taubman Museum: The Magic of Mythology

Tomorrow (Saturday, Sept 8 at 11:30 am) I will be introducing the first film version of Wagner's romantic opera, The Flying Dutchman. More information on this free "Spectacular Saturday" event at the Taubman Museum of Art is in the flyer below.

A variety of posts below this one discuss Opera Roanoke's upcoming premiere production of Wagner's exciting musical drama. As early as last May I began to write about the origins of the Flying Dutchman legend and Wagner's interest in mythology and the "gothic craze" that accompanied the 19th century tide of literary and artistic romanticism across Europe and the US.

The opera takes place on and around a pair of ships, one of which is the infamous Ghost Ship captained by the Flying Dutchman himself. Below are a couple of photos from our first staging rehearsal with our sailors' chorus. Here they are at work on deck (in the rehearsal hall of the Jefferson Center, using a combination of real props and some stand-ins).

And here we have the Norwegian captain Daland's Helmsman (yours truly) steering an unwieldy music stand (we'll have quite a nice wheel on our imposing set, which I will preview in an upcoming entry).

In addition to the screening of the Flying Dutchman film tomorrow at 11:30 at the Taubman, our new group of friends Bravo!
(Blue Ridge Advocates for the Valley's Opera)
will be hosting a cocktail party at the Penny Deux lounge in the Patrick Henry Hotel in Downtown Roanoke tomorrow evening starting at 6 pm.

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