Friday, July 12, 2013

A few new (or renewed) friendships among Mozart's 626

To end another memorable week with our friends at the W & L Alumni College,
here is a list of just a few of Mozart's works we weren't able to spend as
much time discussing or listening to as we might have liked.

New (or current) Favorite K. #’s and operas, in no particular order:

K. 538: Concert Aria for Soprano, Ah se in ciel
K. 563: Divertimenti for String Trio, “Puchberg”
K. 511: Rondo in a minor for piano
K. 540: Adagio in b minor for piano
K. 201: Symphony N. 29 in A
K. 504: Symphony N. 38 in D, “Prague”
K. 543: Symphony N. 39 in E-b, “Masonic”
K. 477: Masonic Funeral Music
K. 466: Piano concerto in d minor
K. 468: Gesellenreise (Masonic song)
K. 516: Quintet for Piano and string quartet in g minor
K. 370: Quartet for Oboe, violin, viola and cello in F major
K. 581: Clarinet (“Stadler”) quintet
K. 498: “Kegelstatt” trio for Clarinet, viola and piano in E-flat major
K. 126: Il Sogno di Scipione (azione teatrale by Metastasio, after Cicero)
K. 366: Idomeneo, re di Creta
K. 621: La Clemenza di Tito
K. 623: Laut verk√ľnde unsre Freude (Masonic Cantata)

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