Thursday, October 4, 2012

Images from The Flying Dutchman

Here are some images from the final dress rehearsal of The Flying Dutchman taken by our photographer Dean Ratliff.

We'll proceed from the the opening storm through the drama to the climactic final scene.

Here's a great close up of Ryan Kinsella's brooding Dutchman.

Matthew Curran's Daland meets the Dutchman.

The Sailors cheer the welcome south wind and head for home...

And at the top of Act II we meet Senta, Mary and the women at work.

Here are three of our Young Apprentice Artists (from L to R):
Gracie Moore, Aurora Martin and Paige Kenley
(Carla Dirlikov as Mary is to the far left; Choristers Amelia and Clair bookend the 3 young artists)

Daland introducing his daughter Senta (Julia Rolwing) to the object of her obsessive desire, The Flying Dutchman.

Here we transition from the Act II house to the Act III ship in one of our stage director Crystal Manich's brilliant solutions in presenting a complex music drama.

The Norwegians' drinking song is interrupted by the Ghost sailors...

...who haunt the decks 'till the Dutchman departs forever...

Erik - our fabulous tenor, Bryan Register - watches in horror as the Dutchman addresses Senta

The Dutchman reveals his ghostly identity, shocking everyone...but Senta...

Who vows to her dark and stormy lover to be true to him 'till death...

And takes a fateful leap to prove it! (Brava Julia!)

And in Wagner's rapturous postlude they are ultimately and irrevocably joined together.

If you missed The Flying Dutchman, we hope we'll see you at our next production. Our dynamic Young Apprentice Artists will be presenting "Tempests, Ghosts & Mad Queens" a program of scenes and ensembles. It is the first in a series of multi-genre programs called The Masques of Orpheus, combining music, drama, dance & poetry in an intimate setting.

We're at the Jacksonville Center in Floyd on Nov 2 and the Waldron Stage at our downtown home in Center on Church Nov 4.

If you caught The Flying Dutchman and would like to share your opinion with readers of the Roanoke Times, check out Mike Allen's "Arts & Extras" blog here:

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